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Electronics Manufacturers and Technology Firms can now Advertise in delabs and dapj sites. The ads will be managed using DoubleClick for Publishers. If you wish to advertise use the Contact Form or my emal ID Shown below. You can also Advertise by Targeting my Sites or Content Areas using Google Advertising

This will help maintain and improve the delabs Circuits and dapj Tech pages. This will also enhance my Electronics Lab, to keep experimenting in new technologies and engineering ideas. This i record later in my Tech Blogs as feedback or information. 

Background of delabs - Till the year 2000, I was running my own firm as a Manufacturing Entrepreneur. These pages also record my experience in running a small tech firm. 

You will also find here some of my product and circuit designs. My design, manufacturing experience and learning notes too are being recorded.

I thank the Sponsors and Advertisers that have helped delabs do some useful work for the EE Community.

Anantha Narayan delabs

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You can give a feedback or get clarification from delabs on any issue or doubt you have about delabs Sites, Use the Contact Form or email.  Some of the pages and sections in delabs, where you can advertise are shown below. You can also send a message or comment from the G+ profiles.

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Electronic Components
Mains Power Transformers
Resistors and Types
Coils Transformers SMPS
Relays and Contactors
Types of Switches
Types of Capacitors
Potentiometers Trimpots

Basic Electronics

Digital BCD counter
Astable 555 Timer
LED Running lights
Basic Electronics
555 Timer Circuits

Microcontroller Projects
80C31 SBC
Embedded Controller
ICL7135 and 89C51
MCS-48 and 80C39

Digital and Interface
Digital Timers Counters
Printer Port, 256 Relays.
Control Interface PC
Analog Interface PC

Function Generator
Insulation Tester TeraOhm
DMM digital multi meter
Voltmeter Attenuator
LM3914 analog display
Autoranging 4-1/2 DVM

Industrial Automation
Process Control
Mini RTD Transmitter
4 to 20 mA Transmitter
Sequential Timer
Timer Counter Modules
V/I Converter LM723

Power Supplies
Power Electronic Circuits
Power Supplies Section
Battery Charger L296
Battery Level Indicator
Electronic Product Design
Materials and Equipment

Engineering and Technologies

Electronic Projects PCB and Circuit Diagrams
Important Pages for EE and Electronic Product Development

Specialized Tuned Search

The Custom search engines are at dapj Electronics

dapj HandHeld
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