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Circuit Design Service
If you need a circuit, product or solution designed as per your specifications, delabs can help you.

delabs offers the following support and service.
  • Product Feasibility study and Component Sourcing.
  • Knowledge and Technical Information Support.
  • Circuit and Product, design and development.
  • Product Engineering and Testing Support.
delabs support includes circuit design and related documents. PCB Design, Prototypes and Firmware development is also done in some cases. delabs does not undertake Consumer Electronics Projects.

Service Charges for documentation, email support etc. will be charged depending on time and effort involved.
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Private Custom Design

From 2014 delabs will undertake more Design or Development of Custom Electronic Projects. Here the design IP will be private. The design charges will be more and the rights to that particular configuration will belong to the serviced firm or customer.

I work on Industrial, Instrumentation, T&M and R&D Equipment Areas only. The Product Prototype will be made by delabs with the active support of the customer. 

The terms for that will be sent by email on request after the Design Discussion.

delabs may not accept projects or orders that it finds may be in conflict of projects done earlier or beyond its capability or feasibility.

Public Domain Design

delabs Open Design Service is done on the terms shown in this document. This work is done at a lower design service cost as it can be reused by others and benefits in the the Education of the EE community.


Some free open source projects done by delabs are here. delabs can also work on private projects for research or existing product improvement.

You can use this form for paid email technical support - Contact Form. You can also send me your product design request. Limited but Free tech email support at Circuits FAQ.

Anantha Narayan delabs

Instrumentation and Industrial Design

Support delabs

delabs is made of a few tech websites online, It is an archive of my experience in Industry and Business.  I have a wide exposure in the broad area of Electronics Engineering, Automation, Instrumentation and Industrial Components.

delabs provides many circuits and documents as a source of Technical Reference. They are free for the use in education,  research or experimentation.

delabs plans to add more useful circuits, ideas and documents. Your support for this service will help delabs cover the costs.  Please use the Contact Form to write to me.

Electronic Components
Mains Power Transformers
Resistors and Types
Coils Transformers SMPS
Relays and Contactors
Types of Switches
Types of Capacitors
Potentiometers Trimpots

Basic Electronics

Digital BCD counter
Astable 555 Timer
LED Running lights
Basic Electronics
555 Timer Circuits

Microcontroller Projects
80C31 SBC
Embedded Controller
ICL7135 and 89C51
MCS-48 and 80C39

Digital and Interface
Digital Timers Counters
Printer Port, 256 Relays.
Control Interface PC
Analog Interface PC

Function Generator
Insulation Tester TeraOhm
DMM digital multi meter
Voltmeter Attenuator
LM3914 analog display
Autoranging 4-1/2 DVM

Industrial Automation
Process Control
Mini RTD Transmitter
4 to 20 mA Transmitter
Sequential Timer
Timer Counter Modules
V/I Converter LM723

Power Supplies
Power Electronic Circuits
Power Supplies Section
Battery Charger L296
Battery Level Indicator
Electronic Product Design
Materials and Equipment

Engineering and Technologies

Electronic Projects PCB and Circuit Diagrams
Important Pages for EE and Electronic Product Development

Electronics Product Design

When you wish to learn Electronics, first a short study of Physics is essential, secondly some Electronics theory. Then build simple and small gadgets to learn Practical Electronics while working with Educational Hobby Circuits.  Lastly to make your own product designs, a fundamental knowledge of Analog and Digital Electronics is the foundation for your next steps into Engineering a Design.   DC Regulated Power Supply

Applications and Components

The basic building blocks for most circuits are Chips or ICs. You can acquire considerable knowledge by studying Application notes of National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments, to start with. When you want to use a Microprocessor or Build Microcontroller Projects, you can study the documents at Atmel and Microchip to begin. The Specifications and Behavior of Passive Components like inductors, capacitors and Resistors; Discrete Semiconductors; Power Devices - eg. IR and RF Components have to be understood well, in order to design sturdy Industrial Grade Designs like ST Micro.

Advanced Engineering

The Technology related to the equipment used for Testing, Troubleshooting and Calibration is called Test & Measurement, Here we use Test Instruments like Oscilloscopes and Digital Multimeters. Medical Electronics and Military Designs require more meticulous, robust and dedicated designs with higher reliability and accuracy. In Medical electronics product safety is vital, Consumer products should be affordable without compromising Human Safety factors. Then you need to look into Usability or Ergonomics, which is a science that helps us develop practical and cost-effective products, which have an optimum Man-Machine Interface. EMI, ESD, RFI are other important aspects that deals with Electromagnetic, Electrostatic and RF; Noise and Interference; in the Stable performance of products in Real World Harsh Environments or the Reliable Transmission of data. Lastly Computing and Communication makes products more versatile in any application. EDA, Technical Computing and Systems Engineering helps creating products and complete process solutions.

Industrial Automation and Process ControlTacho Counter

Automation and Control is the predecessor of Robotics and Mechatronics. A Jump Start, Practical and standard reference for Process Control is at at Omega Technical Reference.

A Control system is made of Sensors sending acquired data to a Controller which operates Actuators to manage the process in Real Time. Starting from a Bimetal Thermostat to a SCADA, the controller has grown from mechanical -- electrical -- analog -- digital devices to microcontroller-computer based equipment.

Both in Control Systems and Robotics the Collaboration between Robots or Control Units, leads to the development of wireless network of Interactive, Intelligent and Distributed Self Governing Systems. The outcome is Web Process Automation, Web Applications based Solutions in Monitoring, Analyzing and Configuring these Sophisticated Networked Systems.

About delabs

delabs maintains an Electronics Circuits Archive with some Technical Documents, many of these circuits were designed or developed by me. There are also many links to useful electronics, freeware and open source websites. The intention to put it in the web is to enable Students, Hobbyists and Professionals to get more ideas on various aspects of  electronics and circuit design. The Links Directory of delabs includes Companies, Service Manuals, Datasheets and Application Notes.

The Technologies and Hardware Configurations of delabs are Open Designs. delabs created content and circuits, can only be used for product design, product development, study or hobby.

Tera Ohm MeterThe delabs name is for the websites and content managed by me. My experience is in the design of custom industrial and instrumentation products. delabs plans to be a web-service for product design and development. I like to work on projects related to Electronics and Internet.

The product shown on the left is a Insulation Tester and a Tera Ohm Meter. It was the first product i designed many years ago. A DC regulated  Test bench Power supply, a later creation of mine is shown above.

If you wish to meet me in person, discuss online or talk, then contact me by mail, to start.

Anantha Narayan delabs

delabs EE Updates
Disclaimer and Terms of usage
The documents, software, tools and links are provided to enhance the ability of an electronics student, hobbyist or professional by sharing information. The information, links etc. should be used by the website visitor, at his or her own risk and responsibility. There may be concept, design and link errors in the pages. My Creative Work, ideas and documents can be used for Product Design and Development by R&D Engineers, Hobbyists, Students and even firms for creating useful products. These cannot be used for reprint, replication or publishing online or offline.

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