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Binary and Hexadecimal System

Computers understand numbers and logic, as most are digital computers. The Binary Hexadecimal System is the way the numbers or logical commands are instructed to the computer. All input devices or sensors must finally talk this language to the CPU, and all outputs and actuators must be able to understand this numbers to do their job. 

Electronics Tutorial for Robotics

When you turn a tap, it is analog control. When you switch on a light, it is like digital. Digital is High or Low, Yes or No. In CMOS Logic it is like 5V and 0V. A Data Stream is made of 1s and 0s.

Digital to Analog with R2R Ladder Network

A bimetallic thermostat is like a simple mechanical computer. Where the bimetal response is the sensor input, the contacts are the output to actuator and the bimetal thermal behavior is of the nature of intelligence. Similarly we have opamps which can be real-time complex analog computers.

And the Living Being is like a biological robot, which has all the things - a control systems, computers, sensors and actuators, even probably a wireless network. :-)

Decimal Binary and Hex

The Binary Computer

The Insides of a Computer is all digital and binary. Like the Bones, Nerves and Flesh. Your Embedded Project, the 8052, SBC, PIC Projects, AVR Boards are examples of devices that are based on this digital language unlike analog.

Digital Interface Basics

Binary Computer

Termite Terminal - RS232 Interfacing
Binary and Powers of 2

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