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80C51, SBC, MCS-51, Firmware and Circuits
8052 Microcontroller :

80C51 Single Board Computer SBC and Firmware Code. Interface 8051 or 8052 to PC on a RS-232 or
serial port. Microcontroller Board and learn about MCS-51.

EdSim51 - 8051 Simulator

8048 and MCS-48 made designing with Microprocessors easy, with built in I/O ports, RAM and Timer. The I/O ports for the 8085 was an external 8255. 8749 enabled users to burn and test firmware on an integrated UV Eprom.

80C51-52 which came out as the fully evolved uC had built in Serial Ports UART and more Math, better Timer-Counter and Interrupt Handling. The 'C' is for CMOS that made handheld instruments possible due to low battery usage and lesser support chips.

MCU 8051 IDE and other Tools

The Assembly Code MCS-51 set  is used to program the chip. There is a 8052 Basic that can understand the Basic Language, useful for people who are not comfortable with mnemonics.

Now we have 8051 chips with EE Flash and some have a watchdog and I2C too.

determ - Serial Terminal Software

determ -
            Serial Terminal Software

Using this used to help in testing the program on a Battery backed up Ram. The final program could be burnt on the Eprom which was erased in UV Box and could be rewritten probably 50 times only. Hence testing and debugging in the RAM is much easier. You could use Software Test Points to tell the PC the status of each stage of the program. This helps in debugging or building software block by block. 

8051 Single Board Computer - This is a Kit you can use to learn the 8051 family.

8051 SBC Operating System :

This is a 8051 Operating System ;-) . In an old elektor issue, around 1990 perhaps, i got a 8031 circuit and monitor code by Grodzik. This helped me interface a 8051 to PC via RS232-serial-comm port with HyperTerminal. Now you can use Termite - a simple RS232 terminal to transfer and receive bits-n-bytes to the outside world.

Related Circuits that were hand drawn

Intel 8051 80C31 Block Diagram

              8051 80C31 Block Diagram

dact2007.asm.htm, - equat.asm.htm, - prog.asm.htm a zip file with the code. 80C51 SBC code examples here This was a Serial Interface of ICL7135 14 BIT 4-1/2 A/D with 80C31. is  a terminal i made on VB2.

See also 8031 OS Spreadsheet and 8031 Examples Spreadsheet

Most  files are created before 1992. Then i have edited them and tried to make fit for publishing online in 2000. They may have errors and may not work as indicated.

RS232 with Opto-Isolation - This is a circuit without a chip, helps you learn basic circuit and LED Optics.






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