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delabs Sites does not collect or ask the visitor to provide any personal or private information. delabs Sites does not use any technical or other mechanisms to obtain your name, email, phone, address or any other personal information. delabs understands the importance of user privacy and will ensure that private information is not collected by the web pages or software at delabs Sites.


Communication in delabs Sites is done by email, contact forms and forums, The Visitor can use these to give limited details on his own accord and consent.

This information is used to reply and solve a technical issue. The email, name or other details are not used by delabs for any other purpose and is kept confidential.

MeeeT an EEE Community for Electronics, Engineering and Technologies related People and Firms.

delabs forge is a Workspace & Communication Application with Office Tools.


delabs Sites has Sponsored Banners and Sponsored Links; these are Ads of companies that support the delabs online resources and applications.

The Advertisements in delabs Sites do not collect any personal information. They are just Images with Links and Plain SSL Web Hyper Links to the Sponsoring Firm or Website. delabs does not use Script based Ads from Third Parties or Advt. Agencies since 2020.

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delabs, dapj, Anwheel, EEMetric and MeeeT are brands of delabs Technologies.

The full list of Blogs and Sites of delabs are at delabs EE Pages.

Misrepresentation - There are some websites, blogs and profiles that use the delabs brand names. Some are mere coincidence. Quite a few are impersonation, imitation and plagiarism. These fake entitles use our brands to make commercial gains by the misuse of Social Media and Digital Marketing methods.


delabs Sites lists many good websites, firms and pages with a summary of the description provided on that website. These may be like the products, services or other information that the webmaster of that site has published for public view.

delabs Sites takes utmost care while linking to pages of companies and individuals. The visitor is requested to observe caution when he visits an external link, by means of search, media, ads, pages or blogs.


In the Circuits FAQ which answers Technical questions of users, The Question Answer Thread for free support is published with the Initials of the Name or Nickname of the user. No Personal details of the Visitor is collected, the email is kept confidential.


These sections allow Anybody to Post Electronics Engineering News, Feeds, Firms, Circuits and Web Resources Anonymously. These are Moderated and Published by delabs.


delabs Sites hosting is secure and precautions are taken to make the Web Applications safe for user. There are rare possibilities though, Just like any website, the security could be breached and website compromised.

Redirection - When you try to visit a Website it could lead you elsewhere. Visitors and Traffic may be Hijacked at different points in the path. Right from your Smartphone or Computer, to the Webhost, ISP, DNS, Application, Cloud or CDN. It could also happen on any Server in the path including VPNs.

delabs advises all people and companies to move to SSL structure with https:// prefix for websites. This certainly reduces the chance of misdirection and also makes the sites safer for visitors.

delabs also requests visitors to use a Laptop or Desktop with Linux for Optimum Privacy and Security.

Please be cautious while using the Smartphone, Social Media, Instant Messengers and Apps; these are the source of many of the Dangerous Privacy and Security incidents we see today.

Before you start browsing the web, turn off location, clear history and log out of all services, this enhances the privacy and security of your Online Sessions.

It may be a good and safe idea to do all financial transactions on a Laptop Browser with a Dedicated User ID for solely that activity.

Do not use any Add-on on that browser, clear all history, cookies etc. before and after session. Do not save Card Information or Passwords of Banks in any Device or Software. It can be stored on paper and locked up in your Safe!

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