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Computer Data Interface

Computer Interface :

The PC is now an economic  and common equipment at home or office.  Due to Open source and GNU Linux, many professional programs and environments are easily accessible. To interface it to the real world is a step in learning Automation and Robotics. 

In Automation we have both Industrial and Home. You can start with home automation, as industrial automation is more complex.  But in Home Automation, Safety First should be emphasized, Any neglect in care of electrical hazards will neutralize any advantage of Home Automation. 

Analog mV Switch for Digital Meters - How a Analog Mux is used for more test points.

Here i will try to cover Digital and Computer Data Interface, Device Networking, Data Communications, Analog to Digital Interface. Internet of Things - IoT and Wireless Networking. Virtual Instrumentation.

Printer Port

Do not apply voltage above 5V to any pin of printer port, ensure earthing is good, use opto couplers for inputs and outputs if you are not sure. wrong use will damage motherboard, these circuits should be used only if your basics are very sound. see more at my Ideas of delabs.

Digital Data Instrument Interface

Digital Data Instrument Interface

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Desktop Server - Wireless Peripheral Networking

A Green solution could be New Desktop Computing Standard - The quiescent losses in this is only the wifi server cube, which can serve 6 tablets or UMPC. So if 6-12 people are using computers, many desktops need not be on. Tablets, Laptops and Notebooks consume less power and run on batteries. Thin Custom Notebook and Tablet Clients can use one OpenOffice on the WiFi Application Server cube

Desktop Server- Wireless Peripheral Networking

Wireless Power for Wireless Peripherals

Objects kept on a electromagnetic table must be able to draw energy from that. A Notebook or tablet can be just placed on this table to get charged.

Simple High speed data switch  - Diodes as gates to route hi-speed data in computers.

Wireless Mouse with capacitive sensors may consume less power, no batteries works on a Supercap, Connector-less ferrite dock for recharging.

RF Wireless Engineering - Networking, Microwave.

Wireless mouse rechargeable battery can recharge while moving on the Mouse Pad made of Ferrite/Ceramic 1′ Sq with Power Hot Spots every 3″

Flexible Ferrite, Silicone & Ferrite based Solid emulsion. Can be made as computer table mats to charge the supercaps of peripherals. - Idea

The Energy Efficient Wireless Peripherals can just be placed on this mat to draw the power without wires. Wireless power and Wireless Data.

Digital Timer Internet Widget

Here is is gadget GUI for Industrial Process control, WebApps. The buttons make a sound and Light up internal LED lamps. Power On-Off control, Digital Timer; Start, Reset Scroll and Select are the controls.

I will first make some simple examples with this UI. Then i will try to interface the javascript with PHP-MYSQL Application. This makes a Globally Distributed Process Control Possible.

Digital Timer Gadget Visual Interface

The advantage is that the industrial process or Home automation can be monitored and controlled on any computer including tablets which has a Browser. The plant automation or Home appliance can be regulated even as you travel back from factory to home. A Wireless Lan and Computer with Browser is all you need.

Digital Timer Internet Widget

Some of these ideas and concepts above are over a decade old and first posted in delabs tech blogs

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